What is Your Sixth Man

basketball court

For 10 years, I’ve worked as a freelance contractor wearing many hats—researcher, writer, editor, curriculum developer, curriculum editor, instructional designer, grant writer,  web developer. I’ve found my niche working short-term contracts for small startups and more recently large corporations. 

 Thanks to partnerships with agencies, I’ve had a steady stream of work this summer, with placements at Google, Honda, and the University of California.  But, at the same time, I’ve never felt more unhappy and unfulfilled. After ten years of freelancing, I want to make a bigger impact and make the world a better place.

Over the years, I’ve also worked with some wonderful nonprofits and startups with a mission for social good. I’ve lent my services for free, writing grants, creating and editing curriculum, recording videos, writing blog posts, but it’s not enough.  I’ve recently decided to work with social enterprises full-time. I’ve felt much happier and fulfilled when working with small companies where I can wear many hats and make the greatest impact.

Growing nonprofits and startups face the same problem—an abundance of work but not enough resources to hire a full-time staff member. That’s where Your Sixth Man comes in.  

What is the sixth man? In the basketball world, a sixth man is the first guy to come off the bench—he comes into the game at crunch time when the starters are overworked, in need of desperate and help, and so close to winning the game. The sixth man is always prepared and comes through for the team when they need him most.

Like the sixth man, I come alongsidee nonprofits and startups at a crucial point in their development—growth. Much like a basketball team in the playoffs, core members of a growing nonprofit are often overworked, tired, and in need of support. Through the sixth man, I will offer 20-80 hours of work per month across a variety of roles.

Through working dozens of short-term contracts over the years, my clients have consistently remarked at my ability to learn quickly and learn new tools——often much more quickly than their full-time staff! I plan to use my experience grant writing,developing websites, writing curriculum, and more to help nonprofits and startups on a mission for social good.

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