Blog & Social Media Management

Choose a package to manage (for established companies) or grow (for startups) your blog.


$100 / wk

  • 20 hours per month
  • Blog Posts, Social Media
  • Unlimited Email Support


$500 / wk

  • 100 hours per month
  • Blog posts, Social media, and Newsletters
  • Weekly Analytics Report
  • Unlimited (scheduled) phone calls

The blog management plans are designed to help busy service professionals do what they do best--provide excellent service to their clients!

The MANAGE plan is for established business that already have a blog (at least 30 blog posts) and would like to maintain or improve their SEO ranking with Search-Engine-Optimized (SEO) blog posts. I'll do everything from create topics, schedule blog posts, and improve existing content on your blog.

The GROWTH plan is for startups and growing business that would like to see results and an increase in online sales in 3-6 months. This package includes off-page SEO techniques, such as newsletter and social media management to see an increase in sales quickly. You get all the benefits of a manage plan, plus weekly analytics reports and phone calls anytime you would like to check in.

Each blog post is 500 words. Occasionally longer "pillar page" posts that will be 1,000-3,000 words.

Once you choose a package, we'll start with an initial 30 minute call to iron out a plan. Following, I'll work on a plan for blog management over the next month. You will receive a content calendar with a list of all blog posts and when they'll be posted. If you've scheduled a Growth plan, we'll set times for additional weekly check in calls to discuss growth and analytics.

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